Who’s a hoe? (repost) 

This is the second of my promised reposts. I have tried to organise them in groups of similar themes. So if yesterday was boobs, today is whores and tomorrow something similar (or the start of a new series). Hope you are challenged in this post to rethink how you use the word “whore” and personally, hope I hear it a lot less often in the near future. Enjoy! 🙂



Who’s a hoe?

I was chatting with a friend the other day when the subject of whores came up. Particularly, what’s a woman’s number got to be to earn her the title whore? I was shocked by his opinion. By his definition, nearly all women were whores. So I hoped to challenge him by noting, “So you are most likely going to marry a whore,” and to this, he replied, “Definitely, for me, I accepted a long time ago that I would marry a whore!”

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