When Doctors strike (repost) 

Recently in November this year, the Uganda Medical Association called for a nationwide strike by all doctors in public service. It was bloody. I would have loved to share more of my perspectives on the strike seeing as I was in one of the public hospitals at the time, but it was a really hard time for the medical students as well. I couldn’t spare the time. But today I’d like to revisit a post I made on the subject of strikes by medical doctors. They are no joke and I only wish we’d all take them more seriously, both medical and non medical workers. It’s really deplorable when we let a strike go on for even a week let alone 100 days! I really hope we do better than this. 



When Doctors strike

When I got into medical school, many people would say to me that I had made it in life. To them, medicine was a big deal because it was somewhat a comprehensive solution to all one’s needs. I’d make a decent living, have respect from nearly all men and attract a quality variety of ladies. And though these were not my primary reasons for joining the profession, I’ll admit that their impressions of the profession were pretty impressive.

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