Fear to Speak (repost) 

I often have a hard time writing these posts. I am only an average writer so I get why I would be spent while writing but even more challenging is carefully considering what message I eventually put across. Many half minded twerps have antagonised society with their words and I am extremely wary of joining their ranks. That’s why I often fear to speak.  


To Help People (repost) 

If I could go back in time to my 19 year old self, I’d say to me, consider other jobs and careers as well. Now as I near the end of this five year long journey, one thing is clear, we can do much more than medicine to help people. People need much more than doctors to survive and that is very important. So I like to point out what contributions non doctors make towards the work of saving lives as a way to encourage young people obsessed with becoming doctors to consider these as well. 


When Doctors strike (repost) 

Recently in November this year, the Uganda Medical Association called for a nationwide strike by all doctors in public service. It was bloody. I would have loved to share more of my perspectives on the strike seeing as I was in one of the public hospitals at the time, but it was a really hard time for the medical students as well. I couldn’t spare the time. But today I’d like to revisit a post I made on the subject of strikes by medical doctors. They are no joke and I only wish we’d all take them more seriously, both medical and non medical workers. It’s really deplorable when we let a strike go on for even a week let alone 100 days! I really hope we do better than this. 


A case for female doctors (repost) 

And now the second post on gender and the hospital. Here, I try to illustrate just how dangerous it is to not accord the same respect to all doctors regardless of gender. Again, this might not be an issue from where you stand or maybe you just haven’t been keen enough to notice. My aim though is that I cause you to search yourself for ways in which you have stifled equality in the workplace; even subtly.  


A Case for Male Nurses (repost) 

Some of the things I talk about here may as well be non issues to you. But I go ahead and talk about them because at least where I am from, they are important. Like the importance of gender in the hospital. I have made two posts to that effect that I would like to share. First, here’s a case for male nurses 


Before you’re labelled (repost) 

This is probably one of my personal best posts and I am happy it was well received. In the end, it is clear that I hold science in high regard. To that I will add that I hold the “freedom to doubt, to ask and find answers” in high regard. By first of all picking a side in the debate, you limit your arguments to those that score for your team. This though a good catalyst for generating good arguments may stunt the individual’s growth. I think we all do well when we are open to the possibility of being wrong and perhaps even changing our minds on a subject. 


A good atheist (repost) 

Here is another post on the subject of religion. “A good atheist” was an attempt at causing people to consider the good that has and still is being done by irreligious people, especially after pointing out the good that has been done by religious people. I wanted to offer some help to those that have left religion, to encourage them to consider what good they are capable of even outside of religion. That they may not be too harsh on themselves because they are only seeing themselves through the eyes of those who hold that “lack of religion” equals evil; murder, rape, pedophilia, addiction etc.