The Universal Set

It’s like we all have to belong some where: if not A then B, if not male then female, if not ‘for’ then ‘against’. True, some sets are mutually exclusive and the compliment of AUB is zero, but those sets only serve to define our most basic demographics like age, sex and sometimes race. Yet the outlines of even these are sometimes blurry.

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Why the trolls?

One thing I love and fear about the internet is that you can almost always find on it somebody to agree with you on any topic. Whether it is that you want to commit suicide or a homicide, charity or robbery, pedophilia, bestiality… anything depraved or saintly has found a following on the internet. Which makes me wonder, why the trolls?

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Before you’re labelled

Am I Christian, atheist, pantheist, agnostic? Honestly, I don’t know. I have to add that I am being honest in this because many times before I have been dishonest. I have ascribed a label to myself before being fully confident of what it entailed. Many times I defended the Bible and Christianity not from of a point of conviction but from a point of self-preservation. Because if I wasn’t Christian, then what was I? An atheist? Since I wasn’t ready to take on the alternative labels, I had to defend the one I had then and make it work nonetheless.

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When Sex is on the table

If you watched the power-rangers and you are still a virgin, go kill yourself, because you are going to die a virgin any ways. But if you did not kill yourself yet you are still unmarried, shame on you. Unless you are a guy in which case, high five! If you are a girl who had sex before marriage, how could you? How could you be so selfish? Did you think for a moment about how much shame this could bring your parents? Did you consider how much less bride price your father’s going to fetch for your hand in marriage just because you couldn’t keep your legs together? Huh!?!

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Looking Without

This last holiday, I was at a district hospital for some work experience. And while there, a man died!

Just before we started the morning rounds, I wandered off from the rest of my gang only to later realise that they had congregated at a particular bed. I joined them out of curiosity only to find a man in distress. It was his first post-operative day following what I thought to be a simple procedure. I remarked to whom appeared to be in charge that something had to be done fast or else the man would surely die. We did all we could before handing him over to higher authorities. Unfortunately, he died before he could get onto the operating table.

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On Graduation Parties

Since this Saturday will be graduation at MUST, I thought I’d post something graduation related…

So I often think about my graduation, the speech I would make and the kind of party I would throw. I often think of it as a happy day, a land mark in my education and a gateway to new horizons. What doesn’t cross my mind so often on that day is the jungle out there, the unemployment, underemployment and miss-employment. Will I even end up working as a doctor or is this merely a title I will leverage to work in a totally unrelated field?

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