The Universal Set

It’s like we all have to belong some where: if not A then B, if not male then female, if not ‘for’ then ‘against’. True, some sets are mutually exclusive and the compliment of AUB is zero, but those sets only serve to define our most basic demographics like age, sex and sometimes race. Yet the outlines of even these are sometimes blurry.

Point is, one struggles to find a set of people that completely have nothing in common with any other set of people. So don’t ask me what I do, believe in or where I come from only so as to find an appropriate set to which I belong, like the proud-nerdy-atheist-scientists as if to say that that would describe all of me or that I don’t also belong to the humble-Christian-jocks that you’d think to be too dissimilar to my kind.

I often find within one person two or more characters that are strongly opposed to each other in their purest forms yet they have found harmony in this individual. I myself am capable of holding two seemingly contradicting opinions on the same topic without necessarily holding one in higher esteem over the other. I often find that I cannot fit into anyone of the factions that already exist in society without giving up part of me in another.

But I don’t think I am alone; there are many like me. In fact, you may all be like me but have not realized it yet; or we would all jump out of our little sets and into the messy undetermined universal set that defines us yet itself remains undefined. And we would not be quick to label, tag, categorize and bundle up people into these microscopic sets that we think identify and fully define us.

Featured image: A scene from the movie Divergent


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