Why the trolls?

One thing I love and fear about the internet is that you can almost always find on it somebody to agree with you on any topic. Whether it is that you want to commit suicide or a homicide, charity or robbery, pedophilia, bestiality… anything depraved or saintly has found a following on the internet. Which makes me wonder, why the trolls?

I was watching a Jay Shetty Facebook live stream the other day when this troll started bashing us with his comments saying Shetty was trying to alienate God from his teachings and that he (Shetty) was not making any point and so on. Now whether or not I should be listening to Shetty, I don’t have to; It’s a free world. I started following him because I saw a video of his once that I liked. I thought he was insightful and knowledgeable but should my opinion of him change, I will simply unfollow him and move on with my life free from his poisonous doctrines. And same goes for this troll of a man. He didn’t have to be watching the live stream in the first place and if he didn’t like it, he didn’t have to stay, let alone make it uncomfortable for the rest of us enjoying it.


We all have our opinions and some of our opinions we hold in highest esteem. We often think that our opinions are better than others’ and that others should listen to our opinions and perhaps be saved from even death. But when a person or group of people refuse to subscribe to your ideals, I think it is common courtesy to respect that decision and get out of their space because there is plenty of room for you elsewhere to share your opinions with people that agree with you or at least are not offended by you.

The problem is that most of us fail to realize that our opinions are indeed just opinions not facts, not truths. So we feel justified in shoving them down the throats of others as if doing them a favor with the reassurance that they will thank us later for it after they are converted to our gang. That is bull! Separate fact from opinion and respect a well thought out non destructive opinion that is opposed to your own.

Featured Image: A screen shot from Skank Hunt, South Park from here


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