Before you’re labelled

Am I Christian, atheist, pantheist, agnostic? Honestly, I don’t know. I have to add that I am being honest in this because many times before I have been dishonest. I have ascribed a label to myself before being fully confident of what it entailed. Many times I defended the Bible and Christianity not from of a point of conviction but from a point of self-preservation. Because if I wasn’t Christian, then what was I? An atheist? Since I wasn’t ready to take on the alternative labels, I had to defend the one I had then and make it work nonetheless.

This I think is the missing perspective in almost all religious debates I’ve witnessed, the unbiased one. That we cannot see any differently than we allow ourselves makes us highly unlikely to appreciate another person’s point of view and recognize the faults in our own. Now that I am taking a step back from Christianity, I have to be conscious of that bias: the bias that denies the reason in the Christian’s defense and the fault in my own. One great place to start is refusing to take on another label like atheism, agnostic or heretic before I understand well enough to make a decision on the matter. Now since I don’t know enough, I remain unspoken for.

But I understand why we’re all in a hurry to label ourselves, we all want to belong somewhere. In fact, I stumbled on a research that showed that even more important than having the right beliefs, one should have a sense of community; it saves us from a lot of mental disease. And those who already understand the importance of community will defend their communities and do all they can to remain in good standing with other members of these communities.

Now let me make a proposition, let us have a community for those that honestly don’t know; that are open minded and unbridled. And this community will be of one mind, the scientific mind and they will have but one rule, to rule out bias. Is this possible or am I late?

Featured image: Hypatia By Charles William Mitchell


8 thoughts on “Before you’re labelled

  1. Perhaps people should take part in debates without stating the name of their belief system. Just concentrate on the topic at hand. As soon as somebody announces their position, bias could be ignited in others.

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  2. lol. Dr. Seggy, you are a hedonist and a heathen. How dare you imply that people have biases. I have no biases. 😀 😀

    lol. I haven’t called someone a hedonist and heathen in a long time.

    OK, but seriously, I would like permission to throw in another perspective. May I please?? 😀 I am asking first 😀


  3. What if perspective is not the problem? Think of it this way, to comment without a perspective is to take a picture without a camera.

    Atheist, Agnostic may be descriptions of perspective, but that point of view exists regardless of what it is called.

    And if the world was at one point full of atheists, as long as people can think, someone at some point will come up with a plausible theory that the entire universe was created by God. The properties and characteristics might change. But the concept remains the same.

    It is a similar problem to robots nowadays. Because for a long time we thought emotion and logic were two different things. But logic is simple problem solving. Also known as being a calculator. It is emotion that gives motivation. And motivation that guides that logic.

    lol. I just got lost in my own philosophical bs.

    Anyway, major point is that a point of view is required before you can even begin to grapple with another point of view.


    1. I don’t think that perspective is the problem either. It is bundling up perspectives in a way that does not allow for new perspectives to be formed. I refuse to be labeled not because I have no opinion on the subject but that my opinions do not perfectly fit into any one of the existing schools of thought.


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