On Graduation Parties

Since this Saturday will be graduation at MUST, I thought I’d post something graduation related…

So I often think about my graduation, the speech I would make and the kind of party I would throw. I often think of it as a happy day, a land mark in my education and a gateway to new horizons. What doesn’t cross my mind so often on that day is the jungle out there, the unemployment, underemployment and miss-employment. Will I even end up working as a doctor or is this merely a title I will leverage to work in a totally unrelated field?

I believe I share this fear with most Ugandan youth today graduating or having recently graduated from the university; the fear that an undergraduate degree is overrated. After all, a high CGPA is no assurance of good employment and one’s undergraduate degree may be dispensable in their line of work after school. However, I am here to argue for the point that we still need to celebrate our achievements so far; at least we graduated!


Of the 1.2 million children that are born in Uganda each year, only about 600,000 have a chance to sit  PLE exams (Primary 7). Of those, only half can boast of a UCE (Senior 4) certificate and then only a third of those that pass their UCE go ahead to earn a UACE (Senior 6) certificate which is about 100,000; and finally we have you, one in 40,000 University graduates each year. Point is, you are privileged; whether it is that you had rich parents or that you didn’t do drugs in school.


And life is unpredictable; to think that this might be your greatest achievement in life academically is rather humbling. Not that you are not smart enough but that you may choose to go a different direction altogether; one that does not require you to get a second degree. So you not only owe it to yourself but to all of us to get off your privileged ass and come celebrate with us your achievements.


Yes, life is unpredictable but sometimes it surprises us in the most amazing ways.

Featured Image: UCU Graduation


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