An Early New Year’s

I like New Year’s; it’s like a new me is waiting to come out of it’s cocoon of the previous year; and that all things in the coming year are going to be big and beautiful and graceful, just like a butterfly. But guess what, then the fireworks stops and the party people return home. A few religious folk will go to church on first and those with jobs report for duty on the second. By the eighth, nearly all my new years resolutions are done because I have already given up on them. I have given up on the new diet, the exercise regimen and the six-pack.

This is why I gave up on new year’s resolutions, they are useless. Write them down, tell them to a friend, have all the good intentions but in the end it does not matter because you are not going to achieve them! And I am no prophet of doom, you know it too. If only you had stuck to the goals you set for 2016, you’d probably be topless on a yacht sipping on a smoothie in the Bahamas because you have money in the bank and your body is like a ten. But no, you are wearing a shirt that is a size too big, getting drunk on cheap booze at a cheap bar in a cheap town.

If only we were like robots; fill in a set of commands at one end and wait for the output on the other, we’d be unstoppable. Consider this, you can google just about anything: how to burn belly fat, how to run a 5k, where to invest, how to invest, how to make babies… and yet we seem to be dumber than our grand parents.

Now what is it that old timers share with robots that we seem to have lost in our generation, discipline! We lack discipline; we lack the automatism that is required to see a goal through its mundane daily tasks like rising early each day, putting on our running shoes and going jogging; or going to the library, reading a whole book and fighting the urge to snack between meals.

This is why my new year’s came early (if new year’s were defined by setting goals), because I know that nothing magical happens at the end of the count down. You are the same old you: fat, lazy, and ignorant as you always were the previous year and the year before that (and hopefully not the year before that also). And as long as you haven’t learned the discipline it takes to achieve a goal, you might as well not set any. You are better off waiting for such a time when you are ready to commit to the work needed to achieve your goals whether that time comes in January on the first, the second or in June. Any time is a good time to get off your lazy butt.

Featured image: hands night festival new year’s eve from pexels


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