A virgin gave birth!

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I should be proactive and set it straight before it comes. This is our status quo, Christmas is overly commercialized. Whenever I hear the word Christmas, all I can think of is stuff, stuff and more stuff; at good prices too. In fact, I sometimes save up to buy stuff during Christmas because that’s when I know I will get the best deals. So there isn’t enough space left in my heart for wonder at the miraculous virgin birth.

This is what happened, a virgin gave birth! Then the story was told and retold and sold and resold until it was only sold and not told so often; we got bored. The story is still amazing to kids because hey, kids still believe that mommy and daddy hug so tight and then a baby starts growing in mommy’s tummy but old timers like me are on to harder stuff. Point is, losing wonder of the virgin birth is not only a testimony of our growing materialism and godlessness but also age-appropriate.

This is the problem, there is too much competition. I mean with artificial insemination, IVF, Dolly the sheep and stem-cells, I don’t even know what to think any more cos chances are that some one already beat me to it and even has a prototype. Not to mention the things I don’t care to understand cos they are just too far out of my league, like smart phones.

This is what I propose, let us come up with a new story cos the old one is just too old. Not that it wasn’t amazing the first time but that a lot has happened since then. The Pope sanctioned crusades, Adolf lost his head and a lot of prophets have misdiagnosed the future on their facebook (facebooks?).

By the way, I am not in any way suggesting that the story of the virgin birth was simply a cover-up for some naughty behavior, but that as with all great stories, they soon become legends and legends become myths. This story needs a remake, a sequel or at least an adaptation for the big screen. We really need to refresh our memories or else we can only be amazed so much.

Good thing is that that is already happening. Most Bible movies now are into the habit of adding in a little more detail for our entertainment; so long as they remain true to the spirit of the message, right? One good example is “The Bible” miniseries. Fortunately, so far the good ones haven’t tried to add more life-like sex scenes! Whereas that would still be true to the “spirit” of the message, the message could as well easily get lost in there.

Anyways, I honestly only added the last paragraph to exonerate myself because some of you must have already been screaming heretic at my humble suggestion. But yeah, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

Featured Image: Mother Mary from Huffington Post


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