The Meaning of Life

Trying to figure out the meaning of life, especially outside of religion can be a truly daunting task. Is there any meaning to life and if there is, is it universal or does each man discover his? Anyway, if like me you haven’t figured this out, I say shelf it for yet another day, because we have more pressing matters to deal with.

Figuring out your ultimate purpose on earth is formidable, that’s a given but figuring out what you should be doing in the next couple of days is far much easier. So while we tear our heads and philosophize about life we shall not give up taking showers, eating well and making a living. When you are doing all that, you find that you have less and less time to figure out the meaning of life because you are living anyways.


Not to say that we should go about life without a higher purpose but that that higher purpose may be overrated and therefore counterproductive to purposeful living. When it comes to the meaning of life, I look far closer than the stars, to my home, neighborhood, country and maybe the world. I have so much more to do while I still exist in my current context that I find little need to consult the divine on what it is I should be doing and how. I have already failed my family and friends too bitterly, time and time again to seek validation from strangers and foreigners’ gods.


I say the meaning of life is overrated because we can lead purposeful lives without ever knowing it. Look to the people you love for starters, what could you do to better their lives? That is the meaning of your life. Look to the people in need, what can you do to meet their needs? That is the meaning of your life. See a need, pick a cause and fight for what you believe in; you will have found the true meaning to your life at least.

Featured Image: The Thinking Man, wallpaper caveThe Thinking Man, wallpaper cave


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