The beauty in dying

I am so sorry for this post in particular, but many other posts as well. I say these things that I completely have no knowledge about like I do just because I watched a movie or read a book that gave me an idea. Then I wonder…

Today I wonder, why we live like there is always tomorrow when the thought of death is much more beautiful, liberating and in some ways even empowering. Just imagine you had just one more day to live, how would you spend it? At work, with friends, in bed? How would you live differently now if you knew you didn’t have much time left?

Now this post is insensitive, because for some death is convenient or at least more convenient than it is for others. If I died today, the biggest loss to the world I reckon would be that they did not expect it, because I had so much yet to do; I was full of potential. For some old dude, dying today is quite timely; he is spent and well spent. He’s work here is done; his children are all grown up and well placed, his businesses have new directors to take over after him and his wife of fifty years probably died a few years ago. But then there is this mother of two aged four and six, a widow and a sole bread winner. She is not ready to die or be of ill health. She would hate this post!

So let me focus a little better and say this post is only for people like me, whom I don’t think are that many. Those who wouldn’t mind dying when given the opportunity, whose only worry is how they will die, whether slowly and painfully or fast as from a gunshot to the back of the neck through the brain stem where the conductors of vital functions reside. Isn’t it beautiful to know that all this is about to end. Isn’t it empowering to know that you have only one last chance to do the thing that you love? Isn’t it liberating to know that you will not live long enough to know the consequences of your reckless choices?

If I had one more day to live, I’d go have a burger and watch an old movie with my body wrapped around my lover, at least that’s the plan for now. In short, I would seek out the most fantastic feeling I could imagine and make sure I die feeling that way. I wouldn’t let fear stop me cos when you are dying, there is nothing left to fear.

Featured Image: Drowning


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