Advice from a total failure

What could a total failure teach you on success? Failure; because the failure has become an expert on how to fail.


As I reflect on all failed relationships and projects I have embarked on in my short life, I make the unwelcome realization that I learned my best lessons when I failed than when I succeeded. And so far I have failed a lot so I have learned a lot.


So here is one sure way to fail, give people discounts. Ever seen those shops in the mall that always have a discount offer plastered on their windows? How often do you rush in? Maybe once; twice if a friend dragged you in; maybe never? How about those shops that make limited offers, like “while stocks last,” or till a given date? How often do you rush into one of these? Maybe always?


If you must give people a discount, make it clear that the offer won’t last forever. And the longer the offer is available, the longer they assume that the discount price is in fact the real price. The offer is no longer as exciting and the goods no longer as valuable.


And don’t lower your price just because your goodies are not selling. Be patient, learn to hoard. Buy a refrigerator for the perishables and keep the grains in a cool dry place. Learn the dynamics of the market place so that you know just when to sell for a reasonable price.


My point is, every one has to earn their place in your heart. Yes, even family; and yes, even deities. If they value it, they will pay for it; if they don’t, they won’t take it for free.


I write this after going through a break-up that was long overdue. And I have gone through a couple this year that were really life changing. And I don’t regret them because now I know just how far I will go to make room for a person/people/deity  in my life. Without these break-ups every relationship that would follow would be at risk of dying the same way.


In a nut shell, I am hoarding my goodies. 😉

Image credit: Store-Deep-Discounts



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