Made by [Me]

I feel severely unaccomplished; and having friends that are taking strides in their careers is not helping the anxiety either. For example, a couple of friends started this ICT company way back then and now it is something to reckon with. Another made a security app that he sold for several thousand dollars and retained the rights to it so he is still making several thousand dollars! Another still is a musician with a few records to her name that I like so much it’s almost religious.


Meanwhile I have completed a course in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, health psychology, control of communicable diseases, epidemiology, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics to mention but a few. Point is, I have not been seated on my butt; no, I have worked my ass off if only to remain afloat for so long. However, unlike my friends in the sciences, arts and humanities, I don’t have a physical flag to show that I conquered these lands.


Some colleagues of mine in the same dilemma have consoled themselves by saying that they will definitely achieve greater things than them (non-medics), as if to say that medicine is inherently superior to all other things; but I say, who’s to say what’s better? Success in the medical vocations is much unlike success anywhere else I dare say. Where others create, innovate or at least build, success in medicine is much more about copying and perfecting the ways of your predecessors and that I believe is for a good reason.


Nonetheless, I still desire to experience the kind of success that my friends in the sciences, arts and humanities enjoy; to say I made this,I came up with this or at least I created this. And this is not to say that I am dissatisfied with my choices so far but that there is more to me than the vocation of medicine and surgery. I want to be recognized beyond the walls of the wards and the confines of an operating room.


I want a time to come when people will look to a thing and say, “This was made by [Me]”

Featured image: The Mona Lisa


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