Cover all B’s

One time I was in the car with my parents, sister, two other dudes and another lady when we stopped at a market to get some groceries. Being the guy that I am, I easily spotted the boobs. They swung from side to side, up and down and even hang low when their proprietor bent down to pick a fruit. The owner, probably in her forties and clearly parous or they wouldn’t have been so pendulous. Unsurprisingly, nobody in the car offered a comment; they either hadn’t noticed or simply ignored. Whatever the reason, I was offended, because they all should have commented. By the prevailing standards of proper dressing, she was indecent! I wasn’t offended by her indecency per se however, but that she got away with it.

Let us imagine she was 20 years old, a size D and that her D’s were hanging out in the open in a similar manner. Sorry if I lost you there but in short, let us imagine that she had really nice boobs and that she flaunted them in a similar manner. Would she get away with it? No way! She wouldn’t hear the end of it. And even if she covered up, she would be too self-conscious to go about her work with similar ease because apparently, she can’t be comfortable in her own skin.

I have a sister whom I’ll admit is gifted by nature, and honestly, I feel for her; nothing fits. Not the skirts, not the dresses not the denim jeans-clothes worn with ease by most kids her age. She can’t risk looking too sexy or else she’d be indecent. She is in essence a slave to her own body. It dictates what she will wear even if she’d rather be comfortable. And whereas most girls her age struggle with the balance between decency and comfort, I suspect it’s a bit harder for her.

What is decency? Is it subjective or objective? Is it absolute or relative? Is it universal or pertains only to a few? Is it merely the absence of arousal, of feelings deemed sinful or is it based on something less basic? In all fairness, shouldn’t the laws of decency be the same for all women and wouldn’t this make them more easily adoptable?

I like to think I am conservative, so I am all for modesty. But I am also progressive, so I am equally sold out on equality and equity. Old women, cover your boobs! They are not attractive and that is clearly offensive. However, don’t do it for me. Do it for your daughters that you constantly nag about the lengths of their skirts, the tightness of their jeans and the amount of cleavage they show. Inspire them to be better and lead by example.

Featured Image: Nipple Silhouette by Nguyen Thanh Long from Saigon, Vietnam


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